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Nexxa 12 – Self-adhesive, castellated, low profile membrane

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The Warmup Nexxa Panel is a lightweight and flexible
self-adhesive underfloor heating installation system.
Developed to secure 12 mm pipe for even temperature
distribution, the system can be fitted by a single installer
and allows for lateral and diagonal pipe spacing.
The rigid and compact design ensures a low floor finish,
making it ideal for retrofit or new home builds. Suitable
to be laid below all flooring types, the panels require no
overboarding whilst covering irregular surfaces better
thanks to its flexibility.
Made from an environmentally friendly polystyrene
that can be easily recycled in a carbon neutral factory,
the panel can be cut to size and placed around existing
obstacles due to its regular pipe spacing design. The
panels are inter-locked to create a continuous layer
across the floor ensuring a seemless flow of heat

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