Dual Overlay System


Dual overlay screed replacement board. 12x600x1200mm; TOG 0.4. (sold in pairs of boards)

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Dual Overlay Concrete is a fast-track floor preparation system that has been specifically designed to use as screed replacement for the Total-16, Econna Joisted Floor and Contura Floating Floor water underfloor heating systems.
Positioned above the floor heater, it provides a stable subfloor for the floor finish. The Dual Overlay Concrete system is quick and clean to install and provides a ‘dry’ solution to an underfloor heating installation. Its low heat resistance allows heat to pass through the floor with no reduction in efficiency, guaranteeing an even distribution of heat.
It is suitable to use with a range of floor finishes including carpet, vinyl, wood and tiles and can be used within wet or dry rooms.

The Dual Overlay Concrete System comprises of a 6mm-deep cement-coated base board and 6mm-deep cement-coated top board. Composed of high-quality cement, quartz and filling materials, the boards are available in 1200mm x 600mm panels, each panel weighing 7.5kg with a thermal Rm value of 0.038 per square metre. Each board is also ready-coated in an interactive adhesive, making installation fast and hassle-free.

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