5 Port Manifold


Five Zone Stainless Steel Manifold – Taconova Flow Gauges – Manual Air Vent – Fixed Bracket – Built-in Temperature/Pressure Gauge

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With a ¾” port and air vent on each manifold arm, flushing, filling and removing air from systems during commissioning is simple. Each flow arm is fitted with a thermo-manometer, making pressure testing quick and reliable, with 0-5 l/min Taconova flow gauges providing precise, confident and efficient system balancing.
The ¾” Eurocone connections on the manifold allow for the use of Warmup’s 16x2mm and 12x2mm pipe connectors as well as standard 3rd party connectors, making it easy for you to upgrade an old 3rd party system with the advanced Warmup S3 manifold and Smart controls.
The Warmup S3 Manifold is engineered for easy installation, commissioning and years of trouble-free service. Each manifold arm is forged from a single piece of seamless stainless steel and equipped with high quality components for a market leading specification that is backed up by the Warmup 10 year warranty.

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