230V Actuator


230v Actuator for Hydronic Systems – 1W Power Consumption – 4mm Stroke

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The WHS-M-S3-ACT230 actuators are used in combination with the Warmup S3 Manifolds to control the circuit valves. While operational, the actuator consumes less that 1W of power, making it the most efficient actuator in its class.
The actuators are supplied ‘latched open’ so they can be easily mounted and commissioned. In this condition the indicator disc is only marginally raised, with no blue visible.
Upon completing their first full power cycle the actuator then operates in a normally closed manner, open the valve when power is supplied based on heating demand.
For multi-zone manifold control, Warmup S3 Actuators are added to each circuit. Using less than 1W each while active, this 5th generation actuator is water resistant to class IP54, extremely reliable and environmentally friendly.

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