Mixing Unit


Hydronic mixing unit with Grundfos UPM3 pump, 20-60 degree temperature setting and 1″ connections

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The Warmup S3 Mixing Unit is added to the manifold whenever local water temperature regulation or hydraulic separation of the primary circuit is required.
The system’s temperature can be limited to any value between 20°C to 60°C, enabling screeds to be commissioned at 25°C in line with British Standards and set to the most efficient temperature thereafter, with an anti-tamper device ensuring it continues to operate efficiently.
The unique mixing unit is designed to complement all heat sources, not just gas condensing boilers, including heat pumps, biomass and solar thermal. Without the inclusion of the Warmup Mixing Unit overheated water due to sterilisation cycles or peak solar gain could otherwise pass overheated water into the floor causing damage.

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