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Get the most out of Warmup Pro

When you complete the Warmup Pro training programme, you get more than just freebies.

From Super SafetyNet to more underfloor heating jobs, becoming a Warmup Pro is a no-brainer.  

Super SafetyNet

The way “standard” Safety Net works is like this: You make a mistake installing one of Warmup’s electric underfloor heating systems and need it to be replaced free of charge. You take the system up, box it up again, and send it back to Warmup.

From there, Warmup checks if you have a SafetyNet record in the past, and if you don’t, we update the record and send you a replacement system. The full process, from sending it back, to updating records and re-sending a new system, can take up to 5 days. Which can have implications on the job you’re working on, and probably doesn’t make your customer too happy either.

Super SafetyNet is a total game-changer.

Exclusive to Warmup Pro Installers, Super SafetyNet allows up to three Installation mistakes.

Once you’ve realised you need to replace your system, simply send us photographic proof of the broken/damaged system, and we’ll get a replacement system sent out to your job-site in 24 hours.

  • No questions asked
  • No need to return the system you’ve damaged
  • 3 times

This means that you’ll no longer need to wait 5 days to make progress, keeping your customers happier, and making your life with Warmup much easier and more efficient. 

More installation jobs

Once you have completed the Warmup training programme (Level 1 & Level 2), you will be set up on our website as a Verified Warmup Pro Installer.

This means that homeowners looking for people in their area to install their Warmup underfloor heating system will be able to reach out to you and ask you to help them get the job done. These are jobs you probably would not have had access to before becoming a Warmup Pro.

More promotions

Warmup Pro is part of the of Warmup Group. Meaning that only Warmup Pro verified installers get exclusive access to the content and benefits of Warmup Pro. If you haven’t completed the training programme, you don’t get access. It is as simple as that.

Part of the benefits of Warmup Pro is that you will have access to more promotions than Installers who are not verified. You’ll be able to take part in any promotional activity of both Warmup and Warmup Pro.

You’ll become part of our Research & Development

Warmup wants to create products that work for you. In order to do so, we need you, the people who install our products every day, to let us know what you like, what you don’t, what makes your life easier, what makes it difficult. We will be engaging with our Warmup Pro verified Installers to test our upcoming products and tell us what they think. We will also be putting forward ideas and asking you to let us know if we are on to something that will work for you.

You will play an integral role in the development of future Warmup products.

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