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How does Super SafetyNet work?

It is really easy

You damage your heater – Bummer!

You take at least 3 pictures of the damage made to the heater. 

You fill in the form below, upload your pictures, and press submit. 

That’s it! 

Super SafetyNet is exclusive to Warmup Pro Installers. All Warmup Pro Installers have access to 3 Super SafetyNet claims.

We have done everything we can to make the process of replacing a damaged heater as smooth and efficient as possible. Before, you had to send the heater back and you would wait 5 days for the whole process to be complete. With Super SafetyNet, we trust our Pro Installers with photo evidence. They can get a replacement heater delivered to their site the next day, free of charge, 3 times. 


Head of Warmup Pro

Once you have submitted the form, a member of our team will: 

  • Confirm that you are a Warmup Pro Installer
  • Check how many Super SafetyNet claims you have made since becoming a Warmup Pro Installer
  • Check the photos you have sent to confirm the damage to the heater
  • Send a replacement heater for next day delivery to your site


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