Warmup Pro Training

The tools you need to become an expert underfloor heating Installer

If you want to become an accredited Warmup Pro Installer, you need to complete the training programme. The programme is split into two sections, Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1

Level 1 training is online based. It’s the perfect way to start your training programme from the comfort of your own home, during your lunch breaks, or wherever you feel comfortable, from any internet connected device. In Level 1 training, you’ll be taught:


How electric underfloor heating works


The advantages of having underfloor heating in a home


The floor coverings that are compatible with electric underfloor heating systems


How to insulate the floor properly to get the most out of the system and maximise efficiency


How to prevent heat-loss in a room to get the most out of an underfloor heating system


How to prevent what we call “thermal blocking”, which is basically preventing the heat from the underfloor heating system from getting into the room.


And so much more!

The course is split into four modules and there is a test at the end of each module.

If you get 75% of correct answers or more in each module, you will pass Level 1 Training. Note that on the final test, you will need to 100% in order to pass, because that is about “Do’s & Don’ts” that are fundamental to doing an Underfloor Heating Installation correctly.

Passing Level 1 training will get you the following:


Your business placed on our Installer locator on our website


Access to Super SafetyNet (exclusive to Warmup Pro)


Access to Level 2 Training – We strongly advise completing Level 1 before attending a Level 2 session, because we get straight into the installations on Level 2 Training days, so you need to have all the basics covered before you turn up. 

The Level 1 course takes between 25 – 35 minutes to complete from start to finish. What’s even better, is that you can drop-off and come back to it as and when you need to, we will save your progress so that you can take care of any interruptions.

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Level 2

Level 2 Training is face-to-face, much more like a traditional training event you will be used to. 

Because all attendees of Level 2 training will have completed Level 1 online beforehand, everyone there will be ready to go and get straight into the detail of installing Warmup electric underfloor heating systems.

The instructor will run everyone through the basics on laying Warmup systems, be that DCM-PRO, StickyMat, Foil or Loose Wire. Once everyone has seen it done by the instructor, it will be over to you. You’ll be given your own space to install one of the systems yourself.

Once the installation complete, the instructor will review your installation, provide comments where required, giving you the opportunity to amend any mistakes or make any improvements. Once complete, the instructor will evaluate the quality of the installation, and will provide you with a pass or fail.

If you pass, you will be an official, fully Verified Warmup Pro Installer.

Passing Level 2 training will get you the following:


Access to quotes requested by homeowners who want underfloor heating in your area (free jobs)


A Warmup Pro duffle/barrel bag (with loads of cool stuff inside). 


A free Warmup product!


A Warmup Pro Accredited Installer ID card and an ID card holder


Exclusive promotions for Warmup Pro Installers

Having access to quotes will provide you with underfloor heating jobs you would not have had access to had you not become a Warmup Pro. 

Want to give it a go? 

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