Warmup Pro Training

The tools you need to become an expert underfloor heating installer

If you want to become an accredited Warmup Pro Installer, you first need to complete our innovative training programme. There are separate training programmes for electric UFH and hydronic UFH but you can sign up for both to really master your skillset.

Level 1

Level 1 training is online based. Online training allows you to increase your skills anywhere that works for you. You’ll be introduced to the range of Warmup underfloor heating products and be given a basic know-how to get you started. The Level 1 course should take under an hour to complete from start to finish.

In Level 1 training, you’ll be taught:

How underfloor heating works
The advantages of having underfloor heating in a home
The floor coverings that are compatible with a Warmup underfloor heating system
How to insulate the floor properly to get the most out of the system and maximise efficiency
How to prevent heat-loss in a room to get the most out of an underfloor heating system
How to prevent what we call “thermal blocking”, which is basically preventing the heat from the underfloor heating system from getting into the room.
And so much more!

How Will I Progress? 

The training course is split into four modules and there is a test at the end of each module.
If you get 75% of correct answers or more in each module, you will pass Level 1 Training. Note that on the final test, you will need to 100% in order to pass, because that is about “Do’s & Don’ts” that are fundamental to doing an Underfloor Heating Installation correctly.

Passing Level 1 training will get you the following:

The opportunity to be referred jobs by Warmup directly
Access to Super SafetyNet
Access to Level 2 Training – We strongly advise completing Level 1 before attending a Level 2 session.
You can take as much time as you need to pass Level 1 training, feel free to sign-out and come back to it as and when you need to, we will save your progress so that you can take care of any interruptions.

Level 2

Level 2 Training will be an in-person event at a Warmup training centre. You will be guided by a team of UFH experts from Warmup in how to install our systems from start to finish, learning the tips of the trade and meeting other installers.

Your work will be evaluated on the quality of the installation, and if you pass the training successfully, you will be a fully Verified Warmup Pro Installer.

Our face-to-face Level 2 training days will be announced in the coming months but you can register your interest by contacting us today and we’ll keep you updated on when