Warmup Pro Electric is for electricians, builders, flooring specialists and building contractors who want to improve their knowledge of underfloor heating become accredited Installers and part of the Warmup Pro referral programme, and get access to exclusive benefits and promotions.

Warmup Pro Training

To become a Warmup Pro Installer, you will need to go through our 2 Level training programme. The first Level is online (can be done from your phone) and covers the basics of underfloor heating. The second Level is at one of our training centres where you will be taught how to install our electric underfloor heating systems and our thermostats.

Level 1 training

Online training allows you to increase your skills anywhere that works for you

You’ll be introduced to the range of Warmup underfloor heating products, be given the basic know-how to get you started and we’ll show you an overview of the installation process for each system. It will take between 25 to 35 minutes to complete.


Level 2 training

Become a Verified Warmup Pro Installer

This is a face-to-face training session in one of Warmup’s training centres. After breakfast upon arrival, you will be shown how to install our products. Once the demonstrations are complete, you’ll get the chance to do it yourself and install all of our popular electric underfloor heating systems.


Better Guarantees and services

Super SafetyNet

Made a mistake? No problem, we’ll send you a replacement heater in 24 hours

Mistakes happen, we get it. That’s why we cover our Warmup Pro Installers with a Super SafetyNet guarantee. If you damage the heater during installation, we’ll send you a new one to your site within 24 hours. With Super SafetyNet, you’ll be covered 3 times, which is an upgrade from the standard SafetyNet Guarantee, where you are only covered once.


Warmup Pro Community

Join the community - Coming soon

Learn from the best – Share your insights and experiences

The Warmup Pro community will allow Pro Installers to demonstrate their work, provide tips and advice on product installation, ask questions and engage with the very best in the business.

Become part of the community today by following us on Instagram at warmup_pro.


Warmup Pro App – Coming Soon

Warmup Pro will be launching a mobile app that will make your life as an underfloor heating installer so much easier. The app is currently in development and you will be provided with updates on the progress we make. 

Pro Loyalty – Coming soon

Points for every purchase – Great rewards for your points

We’re in the process of setting up a loyalty store where Warmup Pro Installers can spend the loyalty points they have earnt on a large selection of rewards – From clothing, to tools, technology, gift cards and more.

Pro Loyalty will be exclusive to Warmup Pro Installers. 

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