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DCM PRO Installation Build-up  

  1. Floor finish
  2. Flexible Tile adhesive or levelling compound
  3. Warmup DCM Cable
  4. Warmup DCM Pro Mat
  5. Warmup insulation boards
  6. Flexible tile adhesive
  7. Subfloor

DCM-PRO Installation Process – Summarised

Step 1 – Clean and prepare the subfloor.

Ensure that the subfloor is dry and smooth, such that the DCM-Pro Mats adhesive will make full contact.
If installing onto a concrete base it is always recommended that the Warmup insulation boards are fitted to reduce heat loss.

Step 2 – Prime subfloor with SBR primer.

Do not prime if using the Warmup insulation board.

Step 3 – Install the perimeter strip around the perimeter of the room.

Cut the DCM mat to size, remove the backing from one edge/ corner and stick in position before removing the rest of the backing.

Step 4 – Before installing the heater carry out a resistance test.


Step 5 – Install the cable at chosen spacing, minimum 60mm.

Maintain a perimeter spacing of half the chosen cable spacing.
Install the cable, following the circular pattern within the castellations.
DO NOT install the cable by bending it around the points of the castellations.

Step 6 – Channel a groove in the mat to enable the cold tail and end joint flush with the top of the mat.

These must be embedded within the adhesive/levelling compound.
Do not tape over the joints.

Step 7 – Install the floor sensor centrally between two runs of the heater.


Step 8 – Before you start to lay the final floor covering carry out a resistance test.