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StickyMat Installation Build-up

  1. Floor finish
  2. Tile adhesive or levelling compound
  3. Warmup StickyMat
  4. Warmup Insulation Board
  5. Flexible Tile Adhesive
  6. Subfloor

StickyMat Installation Process – Summarised

Step 1 – Clean and prepare the subfloor.

If installing onto a concrete base it is always recommended that the Warmup insulation boards are fitted to reduce heat loss.

Step 2 – Before installing the heater carry out a resistance test.


Step 3 – Start laying the mat beginning at the location closest to the thermostat.

Cut and turn the mat until the full area is covered. Take care not to cut the heating cable when cutting the mat.

Step 4 – Once you have laid out the entire mat affix to the full floor with the adhesive mesh ensuring full contact with the subfloor.

It is possible to remove the wire from the mesh and loose lay the wires, useful if you need to go around any fixtures etc. Ensure that the spacing of any loose laid wires are no closer than 50mm.

Step 5 – Install the floor sensor, the sensor tip should sit at least 300mm into the heated area centre of one of the heaters runs.


Step 6 – Test the heater and floor sensor.