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Foil Heater Installation Build-up

  1. Wooden floor
  2. Warmup Foil Heater
  3. Warmup insulated underlay
  4. Subfloor

Foil Heater Installation Process – Summarised

Step 1 – Prepare the subfloor

Make sure it is clean, free of sharp edges, protruding nails, staples and any other materials that might damage the heater.

Step 2 – Lay Warmup insulated underlay

 There must always be a soft insulation / underlay beneath the aluminium heating mats.
Lay the Insulation as per the manufacturer instructions. If you are using the Warmup® insulation board, you will need to install a soft underlay on top of the boards.

Step 3 – Before installing the heater carry out a resistance test.


Step 4 – Starting at the location nearest the thermostat, roll out the foil heating mats on top of the insulation material.

Keep the heating mat at least 50mm from the edges of the room. Ensure that the heating mat is completely flat.
Start at the location nearest to the thermostat.

Step 5 – If fitting more than one Foil system, ensure that the mats do not overlap.

 Where you need to cut and turn the mat it is essential that you do not cut, twist or kink the heating wire.

You must not detach the wire from the mat at any point in time. 

The aluminium tape must be used to join adjacent sections of the mat

NOTE: This is essential in order to keep the earth circuit intact.

Step 6 – Position the sensor approximately 300mm into the heated area in-between the heating wires runs on the mat.


Step 7 – Test the foil heater and floor sensor using a multi-meter.