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All heating and cooling systems need a variety of controls including sensors, valves and switches and to ensure that the environmental conditions required by the occupants are achieved for minimum consumption of energy.

With wet underfloor heating each zone is controlled by air and floor temperature sensors. The air temperature determines when heating is required while the floor sensor regulates the floor heat output.

The sensors interact with the manifold valves to regulate flow to the floor circuits and provide interlock with the heat source as required.
The purpose of underfloor heating controls is to:

  • Maintain the desired temperature in the occupied space
  • Control the temperature and flow of water into each zone
  • Provide interlock between the control system and the heat source

There are a number of control elements associated with the underfloor heating systems:

  • Thermostats & Floor Probes
  • Control Centres
  • Actuators and flow regulators
  • Mixing Value secondary circulator