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The Warmup S3 Manifold is available in a range of sizes and configurations with the ability to control between 2 to 12 zones with up to 120 meters of 16mm pipework connected to each port.

Air Vents and Drain Valves

Air Vents found on the Manifold and are used to remove air from the underfloor heating system. The Drain Valves are used for the initial filling and draining of the system.

Flow Gauges

The Manifold’s Flow Gauges are mounted to the flow rail, one per circuit. They give a visual indication of the flow rate through each circuit. The amount of flow needed will be determined at design stage and will depend on the floor build up the length of the circuit and the heat losses of the area.

They are set during the installation to configure the correct flow rate for the circuit and to provide the designed heat output for that circuit.

Thermometer / Pressure Gauge

Directly attached to the Manifold is a dual-purpose thermometer and pressure gauge for ease-of-use and accurate control. This allows multiple manifolds to be pressure tested simultaneously with a single pressure tester that can be disconnected after charging the system.

Manifold Mixing Unit

The mixing unit blends water from the heating source and the floor circuits to maintain the designed temperature for the system.
Featuring a full control, 3-Way mixing valve, with adjustable primary and secondary bypasses this mixing unit is compatible with virtually any heat source, enabling them to operate at peak efficiency.

Manifold Isolation and Commissioning Valves

The Isolation Valves allow the Manifold to be isolated and tested without affecting the primary floor circuits. The Commissioning Valves control the water flow through the individual floor circuits, allowing the system to be filled, drained and pressure tested. The Commissioning Caps are replaced with Actuators, to provide individual circuit control.


Attached to the Manifold’s Commissioning Valves, electro-thermic Actuators connect to the Wiring Centre –the zone thermostat will control when the Actuators open and close each circuit, allowing the water to circulate through the system. Warmup actuators are extremely efficient, consuming less than 1W each.