There are a number of advantages to underfloor heating.

Energy efficiency & Low running Costs

Underfloor heating gives the user control, can provide rapid heat up and combines that with reduced heat losses and increased heat source efficiency.  Consequently, it requires significantly less energy to provide better comfort than conventional systems

Comfort & warm floors

Warmth radiates from floor level, where the heat gently rises upwards, heating the whole room evenly. Combined with precise temperature control set to meet your needs, comfort is consistent wherever you are.

Tailored temperature control

Zoned heating control allows you to choose the temperature you want; in areas you want and at the perfect time to suit your schedule. This means no heat is wasted by heating all rooms within a house when you only need to heat one.

Design freedom

The system is invisible and can free up wall space when bulky radiators are not needed. This gives you more space to be used and enjoyed.

Reduced dust circulation

With convective systems, the air travelling around a property, picking up and carrying dust particles in the room with it. The minimal convective heating from underfloor heating reduces dust circulation significantly.


Contrary to radiators, there are no hot low-level surfaces or hard metal edges for children or vulnerable people to either burn or injure themselves on. Underfloor heating systems are low temperature and safe.