Hydronic Underfloor Heating systems enable heat sources to be more energy efficient that they can be with other emitters.

By using water at lower temperatures, more heat is drawn from a flame within a boiler and in condensing boilers, once return water temperatures drop below approximately 55°C, more and more heat can be extracted from the flue gasses.

With 35/30 water temperatures, a tiled Warmup Total-16 system produces approximately 75W/m² in a 20°C room.

The actual running costs will also depend on the efficiency of the property being heated and the cost of the fuel being used.  However, an easy estimate on savings can be made using a dwellings Energy Performance Certificate.

By reducing the annual heating energy shown in a properties EPC by 10%, to account for the lower air temperatures when using UFH, and then adjusting the efficiency of your heat source to match your operational water temperatures, it is easy to see how hUFH typically saves 15% on an annual heating bill