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Warmup hUFH systems use 16mm PE-RT as standard. Both a 16mm Pe-Xa and a composite PE-RT/AL/PE-RT are also available on request. Warmup Total-16 uses a 12mm PE-Xa pipe.

Warmup hydronic systems come with a choice of 3 pipe types: PEX-A, PE-RT and PE-RT/AL/PE-RT. This choice guarantees that you have the best possible system, tailored to your specific installation and budget. Warmup PEX-A hydronic pipe carries a Lifetime Warranty for greater peace of mind. All other pipes carry a 50-year Warranty.

PE-RT Features

  • 5 Layer construction with an EVOH oxygen barrier
  • Oxygen barrier -The EVOH significantly reduces the amount of oxygen entering the system via the pipework
  • The flexible pipe is easy to bend and fit
  • Corrosion free – Polyethylene piping is not compromised by heating fluids
    • Metallic pipes such as copper and iron are ionic and as a result scale up over time
    • Polybutylene pipes become brittle in the presence of chlorine, making them unsuitable for use wherever water is chlorinated for hygiene
  • High thermal conductivity at 0.45 W/m K compared to PB pipes which have a thermal conductivity of just 0.22 W/m K. This typically provides a 4-6% increase in heat output in otherwise like for like systems.
  • Warrantied for 50 years in a system operating at up to 70°C and 6bar
    • Hydronic UFH systems are limited to a maximum of 60°C and most systems operate at around 2bar


PE-Xa Features

Offers higher temperature and pressure rating, of 95°C at 6bar for installations that require it.

Al/PE-RT Features

  • Aluminium Oxygen barrier prevents any oxygen from entering the system through the pipe
  • Its semi rigid construction allows the pipe to be formed and placed


Further information on each of the pipe types available from Warmup is available on our website.